Friday, November 15, 2013

Buy This Book Because Reasons

I just wrote a post, decided it was too belch, wrote another post, decided it was too introspective and also boring, and now this is the third attempt.

And because clearly I don't have the ability to put thoughts down on whatever this qualifies as (paper? screen? keyboard?), I am instead going to recommend a book.

I read all the time, almost constantly, but I very rarely post book recommendations. Why? Because I am obsessive. I am so obsessive that I know that my liking a book doesn't mean you will. I know you have your own taste, each one of you, and if I put a book recommendation up here, it might not be the book that's right for you. But I am a librarian, and I can FIND you a book--the perfect book--just for you. So why would I make recommendations for books you might not like when I know I can help you find a book if you'd just ask? This is a one-on-one kind of business, book-hunting.

Simply put, I over think.

But one of my favorite bloggers, Allie Brosh of Hyperbole and a Half, has a book out, and you should read it. Allie Brosh illustrates her blog posts using her Microsoft Paint skills. You may think this sounds familiar, and it should be, because she was on NPR this week, because BOOK.

Funniest. Book. Ever.

Someone on Twitter (thank you, whoever you were, I can't remember now) recommended Hyperbole and a Half to me. I laughed so hard reading through one of the archived posts that I actually had to go throw up. But then I came back and read some more. And yes, you can laugh hard enough to make yourself throw up. It happens. Especially when you're me and you throw up any time, for any reason. Even from sadness.

My brother is also addicted to Hyperbole and a Half. His favorite part of the blog made the cover. Simple Dog made the cover. We love Simple Dog.

I also love the Better Pain Scale, because I have been asked to give my pain a number enough times that I have started to give it real thought. I mean, how do I KNOW my pain is the worst possible pain? I can't know that. So that means my pain can never be a 10 on the hospital pain scale, can it? Even if my skin is no longer attached to my body, it could probably still be worse! I was happy to discover I wasn't the only person thinking about this problem.

If you aren't reading Allie's blog, you really should. And while you're at it, buy the book or check it out of your library. It will make your horrible day way better. It will make your LIFE better. Because I told you so.

Saturday, November 2, 2013