Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Bathroom Wall Pranks: How Paul's Mind Works

Once upon a time, there was a hole in the bathroom wall.*

And there was a Mum, who played this prank. Many, many times:

And then there was tonight's prank, which I think might be the BEST. Or, at least, it is more thought out than the others have been.

I had wondered why Paul was so interested in when I was working out...he seemed to be way more curious about what time I was going to exercise than he used to be. Finally, today, when I revealed that I wouldn't be working out tonight, he said, "FINE. I'll show you what I was going to do."

And he handed me a piece of paper. I lost it.

"I was going to stick it in the hole in the bathroom wall," he said.

So we did.

And then I took a picture.

That is Paul's Bathroom Wall Prank. I'm going to have to come up with one of these. It's becoming a thing.

In case you can't tell, that's Jack Nicholson in that scene from The Shining when he breaks down the door and screams, "Here's Johnny," and the mom and kid scream and run away so he won't slaughter them terribly. That's precisely what you want to see when you're taking a bath.

Also I taped that picture onto the back of thag wall, so it can stay up for as long as possible. Because it's genius. Now we just have to wait for Mom or Dad to notice it. Waiting is hard.

*Wondering why there's still a hole? Turns out, we don't have enough left over bathroom wall tile (the previous owners of the house did leave us a bit, but not much) to cover the gap. So Mom, who had picked new tile for the floor based on the colors of the wall tile, now has to pick new wall tile too. So she has tossed her floor tile choice and is picking ENTIRELY new tile. But she won't make a choice. So we still have the hole.

Monday, December 3, 2012

A Distraction

I owe you lots of blog posts; I know this.

Look! Some distractions!

All videos are via The Brother, who sent them to me when I mentioned I was bored one evening.