Friday, February 11, 2005

A Response

I have never referenced another blog before, but today I do so with great pleasure, as my good friend Jennifer has taken advantage of her new found free time, and has begun a blog of her own. You may read it at and I encourage you to do so.

But music isn't my husband, and with Valentine's day rapidly approaching (and me without a date--unless you count my therapist), I have concluded that I can do without men just as easily as Jennifer, and though music doesn't fill the void, other things can. I've made a list:

1. Perfectionism. Who needs someone else to please when you cannot even manage to please yourself? And, of course, as a practicing perfectionist, the possibility of others pleasing me becomes, shall we say, slim. Hence the therapist...

2. People-pleasing. Anything anyone wants, I do. Anytime, anyplace. Need an editor--I'm your girl. How about someone to act in your play? Me. Or an extra hand in some kind of organization? Your reading the blog of a student who once offered to clean her professor's office when said professor had a hard time finding a book. Who has time for a significant other?

3. Homework. Why date when you can make the Dean's List? That goes on your resume...

4. Books. This is somewhat less of an indicator of mental illness, which is refreshing. Readers never go to bed alone--we have books to keep us company. There's nothing like an eighteenth-century dead guy to make you expect the impossible from other men. I bet you don't even know the appropriate way to hand a lady into her carriage, or that wearing only your shirt-sleeves is rude in mixed company. Ha.

5. Friends and Family. The more plans you have, the less time you have to think about what you could be doing. And when someone asks you out, you can just tell them you have plans, and not be lying. Oh, crap--there goes my secret strategy! Now I have to think of a new one.

And how about other excuses? Like Jennifer, I have plenty of reasons to avoid the opposite sex. Case and point? MY father. I love you Daddy...don't be mad at me! No one can live up to your high standard...that's all...