I'm a 30-year-old YA librarian who will probably forget to update my age as time progresses. I blog about the things that make me laugh, my life, crafts, and other things of interest, like near-death-experiences and horrifying fitness stories. Because schadenfreude.

I started this blog when I was a literature student in college as a way to get out of reading Theodore Dreiser's terrible novels. I made it through Sister Carrie, even though I kicked it across campus when I'd finished with it. Horrified by my crimes of book-damage, I became a librarian and am now living proof that you can get a job with an English degree without becoming a teacher.

When I'm not shelving books and chasing kids around the library, you can find me on Twitter, where you can read about hilarious injuries, my adorable dog, and all my newly-minted phobias.

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