Friday, March 12, 2010

Look! Look at this!

Oh, you have to go here and see this fish. Claire showed this to me, and it is fantastically huge. Beyond huge.

Plus, it's one of those deep sea fish with all the freaky deep sea attributes. This one has freaky plumes.

It's supposed to be (according to folklore) a devil-fish, the harbinger of earthquakes. And it's popping up all around Japan in fishing nets...

Cue evil sounding music! The Devil Fish is here!

In other news, Laura is filled with crippling despair because she can never go to the KenapocoMocha anymore, due to having a 8-5 job. In Wabash, no less. I could hop in my car and drive an hour there and back, returning unable to eat my lunch. Or, I could tear out of work and arrive there an hour and a half after they had already closed at 4 p.m.

What are they trying to do to me?

Don't they love me?

Don't they want me to go there and spend ridiculous amounts of money on food and drink? Because I do, every time. I stock up, you see, for the times I can't make it. Today's food sounds amazing. But I will never get to eat it. Because the time and space between us is to great.


More pre-processed food, more fried disasters, more tasteless mounds of protein and starch, now served without tomatoes because it would be too expensive to serve joy with your meal. And if I find a place with soup, it's cold. Or gelatinous. Like a glob if soup instead of a bowl. That's just wrong. Meanwhile, a salad made in China with dressing that doesn't cover all the lettuce (because that's all that's in there), served with more fried food. And with sugar water that's clinically proven to dissolve your bones.

I suppose it's too much to ask that they'd be open until 6, right?

Finally, the census people stopped by and dropped us off some loot. Census backpacks, census pins, chip-clips (chips not included), and census travel coffee mugs. Before you ask why a person would want any of these things, let me tell you. I took a coffee mug thing.

Why? Because the center unscrews, so you can take the paper out that says, "Census!" on it. Meaning I can make my own filler, and it stops being a census coffee mug. Thank you, taxpayer dollars.


  1. The coffeehouse will go back to longer hours after spring break, or so I've heard.

  2. I so very hope so! Because I am addicted to the soup, and the DT's are getting pretty bad.

  3. I hope so too! I even stopped by this evening, after-hours, to see if there was any sort of announcement on the door. There was not. :( (Lunch some Thursday, soonish?)