Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I know I'm liberal, but really...

Am I the only one that has a problem with this?

I know they had to take it down for legal reasons (big surprise), but I made the mistake of reading some of the comments, and really. Some of those people have serious problems. And are very, very racist.

So much so that their commentary keeps getting deleted by the news channel. That's how bad it gets. Plus, tons of it is pretty insulting to the people who come out and say in their posts that they think the sign is in poor taste and a very wrong thing to put up. A business ought in fact to say something like, "No Spitting" on their sign if that's really the problem. But I think the problem is that some people don't care about being sanitary...they're just racists. And they hate anyone who speaks a different language than English. Or has a different skin color.

Let's do something radical. Let's make it not be okay for our neighbors to be discriminated against, regardless of their nationality or ethnicity. That's what this country is all about, after all.


  1. I heard about this a week ago at one of our teachers' meetings.

    I'm unsure as to why the business wasn't able to enforce their policy of "no spitting or urinating". Do they not have it within their power to keep individuals causing the offense out of their store if they issued several prior warnings? I also don't understand why action wasn't taken sooner after they reported the incident in February. It could have been resolved then.

    Instead, an employee (obviously frustrated and not thinking clearly or justly) put up a sign that once again proves that some people cannot judge a human's character based on HIS/HER character alone. And that's an offense we've all committed at one time or another. Some just do it daily.

    It doesn't make sense.