Monday, November 19, 2007


My life is so boring, I keep forgetting it needs my participation.

Lately I have been killing myself trying to write a novel in one month, which should be impossible but somehow isn't. I was touring the Internet while avoiding actual work and discovered to my surprise that I still remembered my password after all! I was certain I had forgotten it, absolutley positive, but it turns out my old computer's update to Internet Explorer 7 made it impossible for me to use cookies and therefore log into this site. I thought I was just dumb. Turns out Microsoft is.

My new computer is a pretty little laptop that can not only burn CDs but DVDs as well. I don't even know if I can play those. I bought it because I am a writer and should write, and I know I will never do it if I am stuck at a desk. Especially because the desk is in the living room where every family member I have in the tri-county area spend most of their time. They also think it's cool to stand behind me and read over my shoulder, no matter what I'm up to. And on the first draft of a so-so work of fiction, that's just too much pressure. Did I mention that Dad likes to give editing advice on what he's reading? Yeah.

So now I can sit on my bed and do this thing. That is very, very wonderful. I also managed to discover something it seems every knitter in the world knew about but me, since I spent the whole summer and half the fall offline. Ravelry. Put your names on the list, people, it looks like fun. Plus, then there will be someone on the list behind me. I thought I was a savvy knitter! Please tell me I am not so deluded!

These entries, I hope, will become more frequent now that I don't have to explain them to my mother or tell my dad the address where he can read them for the umpteenth time.

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  1. Well, when you get into Ravelry, Katherine and I are both there. Can't wait to see you!
    PS I found a knitting group in Fort Wayne (which includes Christer Watson's wife of all people!) so if you're interested in details, feel free to drop me a line over on my blog or facebook or whatnot.