Monday, July 27, 2009

Happy birthday to me...

I want you all to know that I have just written three seperate blogs on the subject of my birthday, this weekend, and birthdays in general.

I am very tired right now, due to the use of my shiny new working DVD player to watch MASH episodes longer into the evening than was my aim. Jen, it was the one with the race, involving a bet with the new and not-quite-olympic-worthy supply clerk and the 8063rd.

In essence, none of the blogs I wrote had any level of cohesion or a real subject, in addition to atrocious spelling and missing words. That is, I typed so quickly that I left out things. Big things, like verbs.

So instead, I want to take this post to say "Hooray! I am twenty-five today!" without caring that the above phrase actually rhymes (something I generally avoid).

I plan to spend my evening eating more Culver's ice cream cake and watching more MASH episodes on my DVD player, with some knitting thrown in for good measure. I may end up also doing laundry.

That's what a big-girl birthday looks like. And it's not too shabby.

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