Monday, May 3, 2010


I think by now some of you (those who check here with some frequency--Jennifer) may have noticed the new little black whatsit over in the sidebar thingie.


I always swore I would never do Twitter. Why?

It has really nothing to do with the idea. I mean, aside from having to take the time to tweet, what's not to like? It's basically just like status updates or wall posts on Facebook. No huge difference.

Why, then, would I avoid it?

Because 140 characters isn't long enough for me to get my point across. Or, more specifically, I believe I cannot be adequately funny in 140 characters.

But, when sitting through an hour of Twitter Talk at my ILF (Indiana Library Federation) conference last Friday, I decided maybe it was time to re-try Twitter for the YA blog. Then I thought, "Gee, screwing that up would be a professional failure, not one that you and your friends could laugh at like that prom dress thing from Saturday night that you have pictures of and are kindly not posting because you don't want your friend Jen to be embarrassed about even though there's nothing embarrassing about them."

So I went to Twitter and fiddled around with it, tried re-tweeting and then decided to see if I could hook up my phone with it, something I couldn't do the last time I tried.

It worked.

Then I started to enjoy getting updates from people I find interesting (like Rachael and Stephanie Pearl McPhee), and I replied to them (which was fun). And now it seems to be here to stay.

I put a dealie on the blog so that you could mock me. Yes, that was the whole reason. Also you could see how many times a day I think about yarn. It happens a lot.

And the next time Paul or Dad or Mom says something I find hilarious and want to share with the world, I can. Like that time Mom was trying to entertain Darcy while we went to church (Darcy was just a puppy). Mom came to the car and announced, "I stuck a Hebrew-Dog up her Kong!" Totally unaware of the way that would sound to me, Paul, and now to the rest of you.

We'll see how this experiment goes. Pointers would be appreciated.

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