Monday, May 16, 2011

Low Expectations

I wish I could say I was surprised.

My home state cannot spell the name of my hometown. See?

It's "Roann" not "Roan." Roan is a term used to describe the color an animal's coat.

I could go on and list the many other failings of Indiana's website. But instead, I'm going to issue a challenge to you, my readers. Can you figure out what the cause of the closure of State Road 16 is (this would be between State Road 15 and State Road 19)?

If you can, I promise I will think of a way to reward you, like with cookies or praise or by letting you pick a new blog topic or something. (In other words, I will BRIBE you.)


  1. Yes. Well. A rather large chunk of 114 is closed, pretty much from 9 to 24, and according to INDOT, it will remain closed until September. September! Indiana, I'm not particularly pleased with you, either. (Also, I wonder if the whole Roan/Roann thing could have been someone accidental spellchecking and not catching it quickly enough.)

  2. Turns out they are ripping out a bridge and putting in a new one. That's ten more minutes added to my commute all summer long, probably through the fall as well. Nice to know about it ahead of time.