Wednesday, October 3, 2012

In Which Everything Gets Better

Hot water is awesome. There really isn't anything better that having water that comes out of the tap all lovely warm, with steam rising into the air and fogging mirrors and my glasses. Hot water is the best.

Yesterday, the water heater installer guy rushed over to our house. He'd worked on our oven before, so he'd recognized our name. When he called us, he said "I can't just leave you without hot water!"

And he came, he installed, and somehow, he single-handedly carried the defunct water heater AND the older defunct water heater up the basement stairs, out the door, and into his truck.

It bears mentioning that the older water heater was filled with what he referred to as "limestone." That's right. We have so much lime in our water, it FOSSILIZED OUR OLD-OLD WATER HEATER.

The new-old one was just broken. It had not been turned to stone.

The new-new water heater makes a different noise than the old ones did, which I suppose is fine, but it made me stare at it strangely for a while. But it makes hot water, so it can make any noise it wants to make. And it isn't an expensive noise, it's just a "I am working" noise. "I am working" noises are okay. We allow those.

And yesterday, I went home, worked out, and was able to bathe without boiling giant pots of water. So I call that a victory.

(See how I cleverly tried to make this a workout-Wednesday post without actually writing a workout Wednesday post? Yeah. I did that.)

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