Monday, July 24, 2006

Lunch has changed my mind

I am the most cowardly person I have ever met. I can't seem to confront anyone, ever, and those of you who are with it would know why I mention this. I have just deleted two blogs. Which ones, you ask? The ones that were personal. I have this problem, you see, a problem with talking to others about my "negative" emotions. And I am so scared of having my father judge me, or his parents hate me more than they already do, that I have destroyed any evidence that once existed of any family problems that may or may not exist. That way we can all go back to pretending that life is perfect and wonderful at all times, and that there is no way to improve anything so we might as well just go on the way things are because they're perfect and anyone who wants to change it just doesn't get it. So there. I give in.

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