Thursday, July 6, 2006


So I went to see Darla today, and cried and cried. She tried to help with the self-esteem thing. I hope it works. At least I'm doing something about it. Life would be way worse if I did nothing, you know?

I just hope something changes.

See, I need to work on my relationship with my Dad. And I'm a little scared to do it. I am afraid to talk to him about anything, for fear he will get angry with me, which is the most terrible thing I can imagine in my life. So that won't be happening for a while. And when it does, I think Darla will need to be there to facilitate. Because I can't really have any conflict with Dad at all, unless I want him to get angry, interrupt me, and never listen to anything I have said.

I really don't think he reads this blog, no one in my family does even though I have asked them to, but if he is reading it now, know that I will come to you, Dad, when the time is right, and I am not angry at you nor do I have any grievences with you.

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