Saturday, December 23, 2006

Happiness is Christmas Time

Poor Andy.

His holiday has been ruined by the demonic forces of Walmart. Since mid-October, he has had to deal with the lights, the ornaments, the trees, and the ever-present music of Christmas.

I feel his pain, I understand it, but frankly, that cannot stop me from experiencing Christmas Joy. Sorry.

Christmas fell flat last year, death can do that to a holiday, and The Antigrandparents only made it worse. This year, I managed to survive the horror of the annual Christmas Visit to the Mouth of Hell and have come out with my Holiday Cheer intact. Now my wrapping is done, the house is decorated, and I am prepared for a good time.

Author's note: this is the point where my screen flipped out and attempted to post this entry hundereds of times. Who knows why...

Fortunately, it seems, for once, as if the world is attempting to work with me here. I have no commissioner's meeting to run home to, no horrific nightmare of travel weather (as of now). The Anti Grandparents will be out of state, I have a good feeling there is yarn with my name on it somewhere under the tree, and I am almost finished with my Christmas Socks (so named because I purchesed the yarn to last me until Christmas).

It would take some kind of horrible nightmare to screw this thing up. Let's wait and see...

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