Thursday, October 8, 2009

Good Grief

Why is this the second day in a row that has sucked? Why? Was yesterday not annoying enough?


Yesterday, tailgated and honked at each time I was driving through Wabash. That's four trips through the town. See, people don't understand the new set-up caused by the road construction. People are making their own lanes, driving on the wrong side of the road, and losing their tempers at the drop of a hat.

That was frustrating. As was the semi that wanted to run me over. I just got this car. And we aren't in Chicago! Have a little patience. Some of us are trying to execute a turn.

That continued into today, as I was cut off by a construction vehicle that literally just drove diagonally across all four (?) lanes of traffic. Just for fun.

Paul just came in. He says it was that way for him too.

And there are random closed lanes! They are open one moment and closed the next. It makes me crazy.

But here's the big thing. Yesterday, Erin called in sick. Meaning I was working by myself downstairs. And it was ssssllloooowwwww. Very slow.

So I checked the bathrooms. I checked the men's room, knocking and calling to those who might be inside...and no one was there. I checked the women's room, and no one was there. Then I locked the doors, turned off all the lights, and went up to give them the stack of movies I had checked in moments before.

We watched the people go outside, and then we left, setting the security alarm as we walked out.

There were five of us. And we all missed one woman who walked past us, down the stairs, and into the bathroom. There she did whatever she wanted to do in there, and then she left the building.

Setting off the security alarm as she went.


And since I was the only one working downstairs, it was kind of my fault. No one made a big deal about it, but it was. So today I came in, found out about it, and I've been feeling guilty ever since.

Not that it is solely my fault, but really. I was the only one downstairs. And the person went out downstairs. So I feel like crap, and I've been trying to get over it since one.

I want to get over it.


This crappy day should not have carried over into today. I have never had a crappy day at the library. Things have happened that were unappealing, but nothing bad enough for me to feel bad all day about them. And here is Day Two.

I don't want a Day Three.


  1. Oh, and guess what? My little second-cousin (she's three) has H1-N1. That sucks too.

  2. I hope today is proving to be more pleasant for you. Try not to work up too much guilt over the security alarm going off. Larry did the same thing here, he once told me. Except that the cops showed up and he had to explain himself.