Monday, October 5, 2009

It's Fall!

I hate cold weather. Let me say that, first and foremost. But there's a little problem with it being 80+ degrees all the time...I can't wear the pretty woolens I knit for myself. And that makes me sad.

Since we didn't have a summer this year, I spent a lot of time playing with sweaters. Knitting a sweater in midsummer is usually uncomfortable (a lap full of wool would be), but this year it was no big deal.

Still, when I walked outside last week, stopped on the front step, turned around, went back inside, and returned to the great outdoors with a warm jacket...the Urge to Knit became too much to resist.

I had finished my baby sweater the day before. Announcing this at an impromptu "staff meeting" at the library, my friend Rachel asked, "Is it a gift?" I replied (my voice thick with sarcasm), "No, Rachel, I'm pregnant," causing laughter to break out amongst my fellow librarians.

Apparently, she thought I might be saving it for something.

Like that's going to happen.

At any rate, why save something for later when you can just knit another baby sweater later, with different yarn? That's way more fun. And way less depressing.

Can you imagine me, twenty years from now, un-burying a "Hope Chest" I made and removing baby article after baby article until I and my shriveled uterus descend into full-on depression?

That would be a downer.

So I went on Ravelry and visited my queue, finding a pair of amazing knitted gloves--Entangled Stitches--designed by Julia Mueller I had fallen in love with last year when I was still burned from my first glove attempt (I do not have man hands, why did I knit myself a pattern designed for female football players?).

Here is the non-Ravelry link for Non-Ravelers.

And in the course of four days, I have knit all but the thumb of one glove. I am eagerly awaiting the moment I can cast on for my second glove...I anticipate this will take place tonight.

I knitted through the entire third season of Gilmore Girls, and let me just say, I have become far too emotionally invested in that show for my own good. I will survive if Lorelai and Luke don't get together. I will survive.

I hope to break out the camera when these are finished and give the world some pictures of all I've been working on. In the meantime, picture something pretty and pretend I made it.


  1. You are seriously avoiding picking up stitches for that band, aren't you?

  2. That is not the reason. Not at all. Despite the fact that all I have to do is pick up stitches. And there are a lot of them...It's the weather. That's all. I could finish it if I wanted to...Don't look at me!