Friday, April 16, 2010


Apparently, there's this disease that strikes knitters. Not long ago, I contracted it. I think it was spring that did it, the desire to be alive in spring that overwhelmed my need to sleep due to the world being mostly cold and sometimes slippery and usually dark.

I started many things. Sweaters left and right, which I must add are too warm for summer, a set of mittens, a lace shawl, and so forth. Then I decided I would Learn to Sew.

This, like the five other times I've tried to Learn to Sew, did not turn out as I had pictured. I didn't like that I couldn't sit down and in five minutes or less become a world-class tailor, or an awesome sewing machine guru like on Project Runway, a show I have watched like three times in my life with Jennifer that seems to have people in it that know how to use sewing machines to sew fabric which they also knew how to pick out, and all without a pattern.

I was despondent.

So I turned to the stack of half-finished things and said to myself, "Self, Mom is being awesome by teaching you (me) to sew, especially when I am so moody about sucking at sewing even though the Cry Count is still at one." Then I resolved, "I will finish those two pairs of socks I started for Mom, which is only like knitting one pair of socks, because I hated the yarn and stopped after finishing Sock 1 of 2 on each pair"

Two socks would be equal to two pairs. This was a good deal. So I broke open the Sock Binder, found the pattern for one sock, tracked down my Sock Innovation book (called "Sock Sensation" around my house because I can't remember "innovation" and just use a word that both rhymes and makes sense) by the marvelous Cookie A. Here's a pdf preview you can take a peek at if you'd like.

Then I started knitting. First, I finished the last pattern repeat and toe of the first sock, from the previously mentioned book, Sock Innovation(Sensation). The pattern? Vilai.

I knit the second in one week.

Then I cast off, handed them to Mom following last Sunday night's The Amazing Race.

Badly photographed the instant after completion, the miserable lighting in my house resulting in a miserable photograph.

Then I started the second pair.

The second pattern, Brainless by Yarnissima (free Ravelry download, folks), was sure to go much faster than the first, not only because it has the fancy Yarnissima gusset that tempts you to stay up until 2:30 in the morning just so you can finish the gusset, then so you can turn the heel, then so you can decrease the gusset, because there really isn't any good place for you to put the sock down once the heel turn has begun.

A close up of the gusset area for you to enjoy, as well as a sample of the M.A.S.H. quality color of the yarn.

I must now add, both pairs were knit with Aracunia Ranco Sock, in colorways that are numbers that I don't remember (just look on my Ravelry project's page if you really care. But why would you?)

That should have been the end. Mom, as of last night (this morning) just after midnight, had a lovely new pair of socks. Two, actually.

And I must add, the dress is still in Front Half and Various Pieces and Zipper, not in one piece and just not...pressed or something. It is totally not done. The wedding is on Saturday, and it is so not getting finished in time. But then, I knew that the moment I brought the fabric home, because one month is not long enough to learn to sew and create a beautiful dress that makes you look, magically, like you have walked out of some kind of catalogue for something.

Since I knew the dress would not be finished, I was forced to cope. I am trying to avoid using food for this purpose. I also could not, say, go for a long walk, not if I didn't want to find out vampires are real, except instead of being all cold and shiny, they are smallish, black, speckled, and multi-legged. Also, they are ticks.

Although, the exoskeleton of a tick could compare with Edward Cullen's rock-hard abs.

Twilight fans, what do you think of that image? Bella snuggling up to a giant tick? Didn't think so. This is the way my brain works. Aren't you happy you're safe on the outside?

So a walk was out. Eating was out, except for regular meals, and television can only make you forget your sorrows when Fringe is on.

I dug again into my knitting and pulled out Ellington (another Cookie A. pattern), another half-finished pair of socks, this time meant for me. Malabrigo Sock for this pair.

Because how could I justify casting on for either new Yarnissima kit without first finishing the massive amount of half-completed pairs of socks? Well, the three half-finished pair of socks. There are only three. And actually, now there is only one.

As I cast on 64 stitches for the cuff, I realized, I had contracted yet another knitting illness. Finishitis.

This is a rare disorder. Perhaps the rarest in the knitting world. Imagine what I'll get accomplished if it's chronic...

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