Monday, June 14, 2010

In Which I Run Out of Things to Do

I'm bored.

Bored, bored, bored, bored.

And there isn't any snack food to entertain me.


I could be knitting right now. But I'm at work, so I can't.

I'm out of Bones episodes to watch, and I'm not buying any more seasons, because they make poor Zack end up a cannibal (or rather, assisting a cannibal) which doesn't make sense to me at all. That was a goof. For me, Bones jumped the shark when I got the mental image of poor socially-stunted Zack sitting down to a plate of steaming-hot human flesh. Not. Right.

So I won't watch any more. I did when they were on TV, and it just got weirder, what with Angela's husband from Fiji (was it Fiji?) and all of Brennan's relatives ending up in jail for various things.

I'm out of books to read too. I mean, sure, there I books I could be reading, but we all know they've been sitting on my nightstand for a month because I have no intention of reading them, despite the fact that they are probably good and I might well enjoy them. They aren't getting read.

What I need is for something to happen.

But it won't. Because right now, it is not Happy Time at home, it is Lock Myself in My Room Time. And that makes home boring, since I can't talk and laugh with the people I live with (my family). We all want to talk and laugh, but someone grabbed a giant wet blanket and threw it over the entire house, meaning that our best intentions fall flat.

So. I knit a lot. Also I spend tons of time online, but not really doing anything. I just scroll from project page to project page on Ravelry, then go to sleep.

Really. This is why people turn to recreational drug use. Because their lives are just this boring. I turn to the bag of Oreos in situations like this. I think heroin is less fattening*.

I think I need a waffle maker at home. I want waffles in the evening, before I go to bed. Waffles make everything better.

Try not being happy when someone gives you waffles. It just plain isn't possible.

I either have poison ivy or I was attacked by a Mosquito of Great Size. But I've never had poison ivy before, so I don't know for sure what it's supposed to feel like. Or look like. And I'm afraid to Google images of poison ivy. I have a feeling people will have posted pictures of weeping sores, which will be gross. I don't want to look at people and their weeping, oozing wounds. That's nasty. All I want is to know if I need to do something special with my leg, which is itchy. I think it's just mosquito bites. But still.

Do you like the new blog layout? I did it mostly so I could post videos from YouTube while not cutting off half an inch of the player. Also because it looked like the Malabrigo Sock colorway Archangel, which I have two hanks of. I like that colorway.

It's a quarter to 3. That means I have 2.25 hours left of work remaining. Then I will go home and sit until it is time to sleep. I'm tired.

On that note, I leave you.

*Laura in no way sanctions or encourages drug use. The statements contained in this blog are the opinions of Laura only, and do not speak for her friends or her family, or for the Human Race as a Whole. Say no to drugs. Do not eat Human Flesh. Drink Plenty of water. Avoid prolonged exposure to Sunlight.


  1. You could always stop by my place before going home. I have something better than oreos--chocolate that's not from America!! :)

  2. I ought to have stopped by your apt. Last night was Hell on Earth. It was misery incarnate.