Monday, June 21, 2010

A Random Update

Twenty, located in the Charley Creek Inn, Wabash, IN, is a tasty place to eat. It also is a nice place to wait out a thunderstorm, but there is no substitute for a good umbrella.

My stomach is not friendly to me, and it decides to punish me for things beyond my control. Like, say, I take a pill in the morning instead of in the evening. And I suffer.

Visiting my grandpa was nice, though his house is so hot that I felt like a lobster, steaming in a pot. This was not a pleasant sensation.

My little cousins are adorable, tall for their ages, and fun to play with.

Taking Pepto-Bismol does not heal stomach issues in my case. It causes me to feel less indigestion, less nausea...but the problems arise when I start having the side effects. It is a trade off.

Throwing up after taking a large quantity of Pepto-Bismol causes the experience to be less painful. Nothing, however, can make it less disgusting.

Not eating can be as bad as eating, when coping with stomach issues.

My mom is very patient, even to the extent that she will allow me to sleep in the backseat (to avoid throwing up) during a three hour drive home. We stopped once on the way, and she bought me a pillow.

Fainting can surprise you at any time, even when curled up in the fetal position in a moving car.

Sometimes it's nice not to be awake.

The healing properties of my mother's stew ought to be studied by the A.M.A. or something, because it's amazing.

Stew is one meal that can be made without a working oven. Pressure cookers are great tools.

Having my car back is fantastic, even if I don't feel well enough to go anywhere exciting. It turned out, the wheel bearing on the other side had gone out. Which makes sense, since both the old bearings went into the car at the same time.

My car now feels better than it did when I first bought it. It's so quiet...I wondered at first if I actually had the engine running.

I like quiet cars. They are nice to drive.

I think I need to take more stomach medicine now, so that I can go back to sleep. Ugh. This is unpleasant. Remind me to never, ever switch the times my medicine gets taken. It is an important lesson.

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