Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Happy Birthday, Me!

Today is my birthday, and I am celebrating in several ways.

1. I made birthday crowns.*

2. I kicked my father out of the country. I'd had enough. He is on his way to Guatemala.

3. I wore a crown at work today.** So did Juliann. It is her birthday, too.

It is also Connie Chang Chinchio's, so go tell her happy birthday on Ravelry or Twitter (@changcon). [And on an unrelated note: I am loving the little birthday cake on my Ravatar.]

4. I am organizing the Stash. It has gotten out of control. I'd ceded the right side of my bedroom to Stash, and the right side to Everything Else. Like books. DVDs. And laundry.

This was caused by a Moth Sighting, even though I could easily tell that the moth in question was a Random Outdoor Moth and not a clothes moth, due to the species. But It still frightened me. I don't like to think that They might Come. Hence the cedar and the ziplocs.*

5. I got organize-y things for the Stash for my birthday. This means I can make-over my closet to be more yarn-centric and less clothes-centric. Or maybe equally divided.

6. I grabbed yet another storage dealie at Walmart today for only sock yarn. It is large. Because I have too much sock yarn. I need more feet...

7. I am going to Knit Night, where I will laugh and show off my Madelinetosh Sport. Which I have yet to take pictures of. Sorry. It is the Mansfield Garden Party colorway, which I keep calling Mansfield Park because I have read too many Jane Austen novels. Or, rather, I have read Jane Austen's novels too many times.

8. I am getting a Blondie with Rachael afterwards.

9. I will undoubtedly do other happy things, but I haven't planned them yet. One of these involves Biaggi's, as I have Free Dessert and a gift card (Thanks, Amy!) that need using. Also I will rip apart my closet and put it back together again, while watching copious amounts of Poirot, because I've raided the library's Poirot supply for my entertainment.

10. I will, on Saturday, go to American English (Beatles cover group) at the Honeywell Center. This is because I was too young to go see the real thing. And also because it will be FUN!

11. I will go get Madelinetosh TML at my local yarn store in two weeks, as it is currently being dyed and will soon be dropped in the mail! After the dye sets. And after the yarn is all the way dry. And made into hanks. And labeled.

12. I will try not to think about the white hair I found and what that hair might mean. Instead I will think about this:

13. And plan a zoo trip.

*Pardon the exposure/white balance problem. It has been resolved.

**Wow, I need to work on being more fit...or maybe we'll restrict all pictures to my upper half...


  1. Looks like a fun day- happy birthday, Laura!

  2. Okay Laura, it's time for a new blog. Why? Because I said so...