Saturday, September 4, 2010

Kitchen Mini-Remodel Extravaganza!

While some of you are having barbeques, enjoying your last few days of summer, I will be tearing up carpet with my bare hands!

That's right, folks. The Great Kitchen Mini-Remodel Extravaganza has begun! It started yesterday when my mother was spied moistening wallpaper with a damp cloth, then using her fingernails to pick it off in long strips.

[This is where I would put a "before" shot, if my mother would let me take a picture of the kitchen. She won't. At least not until the carpet is gone. Hence, no beet-carpet pictures, either.]

So instead, look at these beets!

(Photo unceremoniously yoinked from Confessions of a Psychotic Housewife click to read her review of the beets in question.)

We're going to take a Family Fun trip up to the local Lowes, unless we get tired, give up, and go to Walmart instead. If Walmart has the paint we want. The paint we're planning to use is a special sort designed for use kitchens. It's resistent to stains, including grease stains, and you can scrub it as much as you like without worrying you'll take the paint off with the tomato sauce you managed to make explode.

Exploding tomato sauce happens.

I doubt we'll manage to get everything we'd like done over the weekend, since we are still supply-less at the moment for the whole painting part of things and we want to paint first because: no drop cloths necessary. See, if you need to rip up your carpet, you don't need to worry about putting down cloths because your carpet IS the cloth.

Tomorrow, if you see me, I will have paint in my hair! Also, I may have cut myself on something while tearing up carpet!

I will take pictures as we go to show you the general carnage. I leave you with a painting song:

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