Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Shameless Plug

No, I'm not selling anything. So don't freak out. There aren't any sweepers, no shoe polish, and I certainly am not offering you magazine subscriptions or cheap prescription medications.

But my friend Bailey, who I met on Twitter when the stars aligned just right, allowing our paths to cross, has moved over here to Blogger! It was a peer-pressure WIN! Bailey and I are writing an As-Yet-Unnamed Book Blog together. I will keep you appraised to the book blog situation , so you can read books because We Told You To. Bailey is also the only reason I 1. Found a dress that fits me and 2. Found a necklace to wear with said dress. Also, she lives in Texas.

On her new blog, Bailey will tell us about her very exciting life, and she will tell us what to wear. Now, some of you might not think you'll need that kind of advice, but trust me, you do. Bailey has been dressing me for several weeks now and my life has been changed for the better. I mean, a dress that fits! You didn't see me brandish the dress at my computer monitor, but I DID.

You see, through the power of Twitter, Bailey (along with Hannah and other Twitter-folk) has gone with me to the mall on several occasions. Bailey works at American Eagle, so I naturally took full advantage of this by whining to her via Twitter about my needs for various articles of clothing. And through the power of Twitter, the crazy group of writers we have assembled now all have identical dresses. I bet the dot dress looks good on all the ladies of WGCC too.

And, Bailey, you should know: I bought a cardigan Saturday that is almost-identical to the cardigan you're wearing in your Tuesday video. I bought it to match the dot dress. The only difference? Mine has ruffles in the front. That's it. We really are doppelgangers...


  1. This is easily the nicest thing anyone has ever written about me on the internet. I have this pathetic happy face on... my face. *squeezes*

    Also, I am so glad you like me dressing you! I'm excited about the fashion side of my blog because I'm phasing out of AE and I think I'll need an outlet. 5 years of retail, it's a bad habit to break.


  2. I'm glad you liked my shameless plug. It's the least I can do for my The Nameless Book Blog partner.

    I not only like you dressing me, I LOVE you dressing me. Finally, I no longer have to stare at a pile of neatly folded shirts and think, "Where is a genius personal shopper and/or fashion expert that can tell me how to build an outfit with this shirt?" Because that ends with the same result every time: I don't get the cute shirt. I buy several plain tees in a variety of colors and layer them. FASHION FAIL.