Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow (Well, Thursday)

After I posted my earlier announcement, I got this from Kenzie via Twitter:


Normally, I would just do exactly what Kenzie tells me, because she seems smart, and if she decides, that means I don't have to. But this is big change for me, getting rid of all this hair, so I should probably make my own decision. Even if doing that is hard and pretty boring, especially when I could be reading my new book or knitting the back of my sweater.

And the cut I fell in love with as I hunted through the cutest sweaters on Ravelry was the one ciriliarose (that's a Ravelry link, folks) has in THIS picture. Except you can't see the whole cut, just how cute it is at chin level. I think it looks almost the same as Kenzie's picture, so I might just end up blindly obeying her after all. It is easier that way.

Because I really liked the style, and because I get bored at home when other people are out having fun on the weekends and I am knitting and watching Masterpiece Classic, I went to Flikr, because it's a magical place,* in an attempt to find a picture of the Magical Haircut that actually has the whole of Cirilia's head in the frame.

It turns out, Cirilia is WAY more organized than I am. I take pictures of everything I knit. Unless I forget to and then give them away. Or I do take a picture, then forget to upload it. Or I upload it and it just never makes it to Ravelry. But Cirilia isn't like that. She uploads everything. And that means I could find a picture of her Magical Haircut!

See? I love that haircut.

Anyone else have hair ideas? Make your case in the comments, and I'll use your advice as I make my decision. Or I'll print out a stack of pictures and give it to Beth the Hair Goddess, and she can decide for me. I really am clueless about hair.

OR, if you think choosing my next haircut is boring, if you could care less about my personal style and would really get a laugh out of me pulling a Britney Spears and shaving my head bald and rolling around on the floor of the dressing room unable to stand, you can go to Cirilia's Berroco Design Studio Blog, and take a peek at some of her fantastic designs! I'm partial to Aidez and Americano myself.

*No matter how I phrase this, it will sound like I'm a stalker. I'm not, I promise. I lose focus to quickly to be a successful stalker. You have to have real concentration for that. I'll just be reading and then--Elephants are great! Let's go visit them--In Africa. I've never been to Africa. No, wait--the ZOO! I want some ice cream! They have that at zoos. Oh--Let's go to the movies--no, to the bookstore! What was I saying? Oh well, it doesn't matter. 

EDIT: Rachael just sent me a link with another potential haircut. Am I the only one seeing a theme here? 


  1. I love that hair cut. My friend Emily just got her hair cut in a similar style to that and it looks fantastic. I can't flaunt short hair because I have puffy, curly, thick hair, so I like to encourage others to chop off their own locks instead.

    Also, you should dye it red while your at it. Then, keep it through Halloween.

  2. I have super-thick hair, but it is also fine, so I can wear it at almost any length. Except I'm allergic to it, I guess, so it can't touch my skin. And I am going red, in August, with Rachael. We are going to get our hair colored together, then out for Japanese food as our joint birthday celebration!

  3. Cirilia's hair is SUPER cute. LOVE. From what little I know of you, I think it would suit.

    I would type more, but I cut off the tip of my left index finger on Saturday, and typing (and knitting!!!) = no fun AT ALL. :(

    I hope you'll post a photo of your new hair!