Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Happy Tuesday, Everyone.

Today I woke up, and it was HARD. Sometimes mornings are so difficult, they HURT. But I managed to drag myself out of bed and start getting ready for work. And then I heard a knock on my door and it was Mum.

Because I had a flat tire.

There was a huge roofing nail stuck in my tire, and it was completely flat. Luckily, Dad had noticed it before rushing off to get bloodwork done at the doctor's office, and he was changing it.

But then he saw how low the spare was.

So he drove off to the local gas station and filled up the spare while I sat at home and e-mailed various people at work, hoping they would notice the message, "LAURA WILL BE LATE" before they gave up hope altogether and sent out search parties.

When Dad came back with the spare all filled up nicely, I left for work. I wasn't even late. It was a lucky break.

And then moments later, Dad was back, because he'd sent me off without having tightened the lug nuts.

"Your tire could have just flown right off!" He told me.

This was reassuring.

But he fixed that, too. And then I called the tire place and the tire guys said that yes, they could fix the messed up tire during my lunch hour. We hope. (I think tire sounds like a delicious lunch, personally.)

I may end up having to beg a ride home from my father. And then I will be car-less. So all hope of knitting this evening may be lost. This is depressing.

And then, if the tire drama wasn't enough, I found a giant spider on the library wall. I swear it was a brown recluse. It had clearly come to kill me.

This morning is evil. I think we should protest.

Let's all just leave wherever we happen to leave right now, and we will all go to our respective places of residence and go back to sleep. I feel that this is only right.

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  1. If they just have to do a simple patch with your tire, it shouldn't take very long at all. *crosses fingers* Keep me updated?