Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas Shopping

Let's take a moment to consider the fact that I went out on Saturday morning, bought every Christmas present I needed to buy, and am now DONE.*

That was all the Christmas shopping in one day. LESS than one day. This is way better than waiting for packages to arrive and hoping nothing gets misplaced by the shipping company or our mail man, who is a really, truly unpleasant person.

It was not better than sitting at home in my pajamas and clicking on the things I wanted to buy people, but what can you do?

Now I just have to find creative ways to wrap all of the things, because my family is too smart for me to wrap things the way you'd THINK they should be wrapped. They guess what is in the packages, and they always guess right. And now I get to actually enjoy preparing for Christmas, because you can't do that when the only thing floating in your brain is a shopping list!

*This does not include the single present that is not done, but I am making that present, so I did not need to go shopping for it. So there.

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