Monday, November 10, 2014

Painting Party

Good morning.

Yesterday I went on Pinterest to look at room decor and accidentally ended up making two loaves of bread. These things happen. This is what Pinterest does to us all.

Also I have decided to paint my room. I decided this the day they put in the new windows at our house, and I had to hang my new curtain rods and I looked at the walls and I thought, "I must repaint in here, it looks like death." So I went to the paint store and found a color for the walls and now I have to go back because I forgot about the ceiling.

Here is the wall color:

I decided on this because I want my room to look like this one, but with a bed instead of the couch. Although I like the couch. I just would rather sleep on a bed than a couch. Personal preference.

Via South Shore Decorating Blog.

I like it. I want the gallery wall. I want random pictures of lines and an angry person in a red triangle. I want this in my life. Also I want flowers that I'm not allergic to. And a basket.

Because I am me, I'm planning on choosing my ceiling color and then prepping my room for painting on Friday (my day off) and then running to buy paint in the afternoon. If I am lucky, I can start painting on Sunday.

See, when I plan projects, I just want to DO them. No waiting around. No excuses. Want to paint? DO IT NOW. And if you can't do it now, you better do it within the week. I guess it's good I'm not procrastinating.

At any rate, painting party at my house this weekend.

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