Friday, November 7, 2014

Sometimes Benadryl Happens

I took an involuntary blog break this week due to copious amounts of Benadryl. Oh dear. Benadryl.

I hate taking the stuff. I only use it during episodes of extreme allergic reaction when I think I'm about to die of sneezing or asthma symptoms and am okay with the dying happening because that's how bad I feel. Only in times of desperation.

But Nancy had a cold. And I caught the cold. (Either that or the child who sneezed directly into my face this week gave me the cold. Meh. It came from somewhere.) When I get a cold, my nose runs. And when my nose runs, and when I sneeze, it triggers allergy symptoms. And asthma symptoms. It's as if I'm allergic to having a cold, which isn't possible, but the results are the same. This always ends in sinus infection, which I really could live without. Sinus infections suck.

Usually I push through it. This time I thought, It's Sunday. SUNDAY. I can rest today. So I decided to try a new way of treating colds--by not treating the cold but instead treating the allergies. I took a dose of Benadryl and slept. And slept some more.

And I did not get a sinus infection. It's like an early Christmas present, but without the pine-scented things that give me migraines!

Instead I lost half a week and spent the remaining part of the week catching up on everything I missed. It was busy. Very busy.

It has resulted in the printing of thousands of pages, which I will now assemble into reading logs for a new program at the library. Assembly means stapling.

Stapling means I will have "SWINGLINE" bruised into my palm for the foreseeable future.

This stack is about 50 booklets waiting to be folded. I have that many already folded. Eventually we'll need 500 total. Or more.

I'll be doing this for a while.

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