Tuesday, November 1, 2005

In the Office...

I enjoy the privilage of being the English department assistant at Manchester, a position which comes with its very own office. This affords me the ability to claim a room entirely of my own.

Not that I grew up sharing a room with anyone--I always had my own--I only mean to say that here is a room, in which I now sit, where I am never disturbed. No younger brother (or father) walking in to stare at my television with glazed eyes before wandering, wordless, away. No cat demanding food. No call from my mother, offering a snack or asking a favor. Nothing. Silence is deafening.

Here, even if people visit, they knock.

I never knew a life could be more private than the one I once had. Now at last, I understand Virginia Woolfe's ideas. So, with a room of my own and a little money, I begin my blog.
I hope time will not see it abandoned as quickly as other enterprises.

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