Thursday, November 3, 2005

Why is it that some people refuse to accept a difference in opinion? One of the best things about living in a land that professes the right of freedom of speech is that we are able to say, "Hey, that doesn't make sense to me!" That is why forums like this one evolve, in which people say what they want to say, and others may respond if they so choose.

I, for one, think it utterly absurd that Indiana tax-payers are building an enoramous new stadium for the Indianapolis Colts. Sorry sports fans, but it just doesn't make sense. If I played pro-football and made millions of dollars, I don't think I would mind too much if I was asked to shell out a few bucks to help pay for a stadium that would make me even more. And instead of letting the precious Colts slip through our fingers, Indiana's government has agreed, we will pay.

This is money that President Bush will want spent on his plan for flu preparation.This is money that could fill the pot-hole in front of my house (I live on a state road--they pay and manage repairs), or--and here's something absurd--pay off some of the state deficit! Or, it could be in my pocket and yours, allowing me to pay off my student loans faster (it could even, gasp, be awarded to students to let them go to college) or buy a replacement for my tired old car. It could be invested into the state and allow people to have jobs here other than as a farmer, a construction worker, a nurse, a factory worker, or in fast food chains. Maybe then we could have young people stick around and make our state something more than a cornfield and home to the Indy 500 once a year.

Ha! I said it. And you couldn't interrupt me, could you? Even if you wanted to. I know you might think I'm wrong, but too bad. Because if you can sit and tell me what you think, I should be able to do the same think, without being overruled or made to feel worthless. Respect is important, even when you disagree. And not just about this issue. The people who follow this form with me know who they are.

For those of you who wouldn't have yelled, thank you. If you have something to say about some other topic, or this one, I will do you the same courtesy. I bet some of you aren't even my mom!

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