Monday, June 8, 2009


Jennifer and I went shopping this weekend, because I am being plagued by something I think many former college students will understand.

I have no clothes.

Sure, I have crappy things I can pull on in the morning and wear all day as I paint and wash the dog, or mow the lawn and plant flowers, but I have no nice things to wear with regularity.

I have convinced myself this is due to the fact that there are so many other things to buy in college, like food and books, that I neglected getting nice things to wear (since I had nowhere to wear them except class, and I was the only one not wearing clothing I'd slept in, so I looked good no matter what).

But after a day of, I must admit, fruitful, shopping, I am still pretty much in the same boat I was before.

I find that I like things no one makes. I like classy tops inspired off of classic design or Victorian/Edwardian fashion. I do not like the 60's mod-reinvented or the revamped 80's styles I see everywhere. I look like a corpse in bright mauve and poofy hair, and I look like a corpse in stark white or black tunic style dresses with freaky necklines.

Heck, I look like a corpse in everything.

But the problem is, that leaves me few stylish options. I end up buying multiple tops, all solid colors, all basic shapes. Crew-necked t-shirts, for example. Then I get cardigans in all colors to throw on top of them to make myself feel like I put in a bit of effort.

And it looks okay.

But it doesn't look trendy. Or even polished.

I used to be both of those things. And now I am not. And I have no other options open to me, beside going nude and setting some new, illegal trends that leave me out of a job and with a warrant out for my arrest. Or just in jail, depending on how fast I drive.

I am going to go up north. I am hitting the malls in Lake County, I am going to Express. I am going to leaf out the big bucks and look nice for once. It will happen. And, until then, I am going to feel good about myself, taking solace in the fact that I work with children who don't notice what I wear above the knee, which is what I would like all people to do in the first place.

It is going to get better.

I know it.

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