Thursday, June 18, 2009

Temporal Phenomenon

Oh, how I miss the laptop.

I did okay at first; I only told Mom and Dad that I might as well be dead once before I realized I could do other things. Then I marathon-read three novels (Jen, I'm getting to and then I was okay...mostly. And I only had to last a couple days. And I could do that...

But life without a dvd player, because that is what the laptop doubles as, is hard. I miss it. Very much so.

And then I got the new phone. It is fancy, and it syncs with your computer so that you can put tons of music, pictures, and other stuff on there. And I can't play with it, not really. All I could do was use Paul's computer to put a few songs on it, one to wake up to and one as a ring tone, before I went to sleep. And that was all the fun I could have.

So no playing. No customizing the phone for my needs by using the computer. No reading the manual, which is on the phone. Just holding the phone and hoping someone will call me, and calling my aunt who always talks to me for at least 45 minutes per phone call. That's all.

Today Erin asked me when I was getting it back, and I thought--"Hey--I could completely call and ask about that! It's been about a week now! It's bound to be done." So I did, and they responded..."We're still working on the diagnostics, and we'll give you a call when it's done."

Does that sound like a non-answer to you? Like a "We'll fix your computer when we feel like it, so just wait patiently and read another book, even though the count is up to ten this week, and your knitting is seriously behind schedule because all your patterns are stored on the computer, which is gathering dust behind me on the shelf filled with other computers we're not fixing."

That's what I thought.

I really miss my laptop.

And I have the weekend free, to go and get it...and I won't get that call. I just know it. They're going to call me Monday--or worse--Wednesday, which is the day of our YA book discussion, a day I can't just drop everything and race up to get it.

That's just cruel. You know I'm right.

And I really want my laptop back.

Do you think they'll call me tomorrow?

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