Saturday, November 6, 2010

Dad, meet the Yard. Yard, this is Dad. Forgive him for slamming into you like that.

Here is the situation as it was explained to me.

Dad went with the rest of the Men's Prayer Breakfast crowd to go put a roof on someone's house. Things proceeded normally until our friend Jeff started wobbling as if he was about to fall.

Dad, ever the hero, tried to "save" Jeff (who I'm sure didn't need saving, as he is a professional Home Builder Guy and owns his own power tools).

In his heroic attempt, Dad stood on some loose sheeting and proceeded to--it was described to me as "surf" BACKWARDS down the slope of the roof and off the edge.

He landed, certainly breaking his wrist. He may or may not need surgery to repair his wrist--he used it to "catch" himself, but good luck catching yourself when you shoot off a roof like The Silver Surfer. They are doing x-rays of his lower back to make sure he didn't throw his back out too.

When asked about what exactly was going through his head, Dad said, "I thought Laura was getting too much attention, so..."

(I think he meant it as a joke.)


  1. I lol'ed.

    I'll keep him in my thoughts, but at least it's not that bad. It could be worse.

  2. Oh, only your dad. I'm still laughing, though. Let him know that random people from the internet are hoping for quick healing...even as they laugh at his plight.

  3. I am hoping for his healing, while I laugh at him. Thanks, you two!

  4. oh no! Did no one tell him about the alternate use for the claw end of a hammer? It's to stop you from sliding off the roof! Poor guy :( I'll be praying for you both.