Friday, April 27, 2012

Add This to the List of Terrible Things

The closest yarn store is closing down. The Shuttle Shop in Warsaw, Indiana will be closing its doors. Please pause for a moment while I weep uncontrollably.

I bought my first sock yarn at The Shuttle Shop. Kathy taught me to felt, showed me the Magic Loop, and informed me that I was doing my yarn overs backwards when I couldn't figure out why my shawl didn't look like the sample.

The Shuttle Shop was where Mom picked up the wool for my favorite Fiddlehead Mittens, which I wear every winter because they are the best. Mom knitted me a lovely cashmere sweater with yarn from the Shuttle Shop, the sweater I wore to my grandmother's funeral because it felt like a hug and I really needed one then.

The Shuttle Shop was where both Mom and I learned to love to knit again. And it is a good place, and I will miss it very, very much.

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