Wednesday, June 6, 2012

BEA Day Two!

Today was a very early day for us, we woke up at 5:30 AM to hop on the train to the city (after grabbing bagels first), then we raced over to the Javits Center for the Children's Book and Author Breakfast to see John Green.


And not just John Green, because we also got to see Walter Dean Myers, Lois Lowry, and Chris Colfer (from Glee and now author of a new middle grade release that seems promising).

From there we went to signing after signing after signing. It was fantastic. I got to meet Erin Morgenstern, who wrote The Night Circus, Libba Bray who is a ROCK STAR (literally), and even MAUREEN JOHNSON. I adore Maureen Johnson. And everyone I met was absolutely fantastic. I know it must be hugely stressful for authors to sit in a booth for hours at a time and meet hundreds of people and sign unspeakable numbers of books. That can't be fun. But the authors I met were all welcoming and enthusiastic about meeting their readers. And this makes me love them even more than before.

Here are today's pictures, including the breakfast pictures, and authors I happened to see (including some I just snapped pictures of as I walked by, like Jane Seymore of Dr. Quinn fame and Lois Lowry, who had an insanely long line).

If you don't know who everyone is (and unless you are obsessive about the book industry, why would you?), I will tell you who is who if you ask me!


  1. I'm super jealous. So did you actually get to meet John Green and get him to sign stuff or did you just hear him speak? (Same with the other authors- I own the whole Giver series and would give an arm and leg to get em signed!)

    1. I have met John Green before, so I skipped the signing this time. I enjoy him so very much. My friend Kelly went to Lois Lowry's signing, but I did not. Her line was INSANE and I was, frankly, terrified of the crush of humanity. The other authors all signed books for me, even Erin Morgenstern and Maureen Johnson!