Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Too late, too late...

Allergies, they are horrible.

This summer has been THE WORST. Something about the heat, the lack of rain, the planetary alignment...has made me die.

It got better when I was in New Jersey! It got much better, but eventually, I had to come home. And that was when things went downhill. I started wheezing more and more. Last week, around Wednesday, I followed my ASTHMA ACTION PLAN!!! and I doubled my medicine like I'm supposed to. And I made an appointment with my asthma doctor on Monday, when the ASTHMA ACTION PLAN!!! did not help. I thought, "Hooray! They will give me steroids, and the bad thing will stop, and I will go back to my happy life and there will be cupcakes.

Tuesday, though, it CHANGED. One minute I was wheezing, the next minute my nose started running, and I took Benadryl. I always take Benadryl. I always think it's allergies. But no.

Today I know the truth. It is a sinus infection. I has the sinus infection.

But today I also have work, and I have to work the evening, and I have a library program, so there is no staying in bed so I can feel better. No. Instead I have my very own Kleenex box. And misery.

My appointment is for tomorrow. But it is too late. Now I will get antibiotics, because the allergies WON. And I LOST. I have been BEATEN.

I feel like I am Chronic Illness Cat.

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