Friday, June 8, 2012

Laura Goes to the Ocean

Before today, I had been to the ocean only ONE TIME, and it was technically not the ocean. So today was a very happy day.

There were shells. There was sand. There was sun and I sat on a towel and wore a bathing suit for the first time in public since I was 17.

And I found shells and I waded in the cold cold water and it was salty and we walked on the boardwalk and went to a place called WaWa and got sandwiches that didn't have sand in them.

And apparently, I have a fascination with taking pictures of my feet in sand, despite the fact that I find all feet (including my own) to be ugly. And Kelly posed like Snooki from Jersey Shore, because we were on the Jersey Shore, except not in the part where they film the show, thank all that is good and holy in the universe. Nothing good would come of my witnessing the Jersey Shore people stumble over each other drunkenly and make bizarre pouting faces when photographed.

No one wants to see that.

Here are my pictures! I included some of the shawarma place not far from Kelly's house, and of the bagels and the bagel guy who gave me a free bagel when he found out I lived where no bagels can be found. People give me free food when they find out I'm going to the ocean. Last time, I got extra scoops of chips while the fellow at the fish and chip shop repeated, "Never seen the ocean?!" again and again. The chips were yummy. So was the fish.