Thursday, May 1, 2014

Running, a List of Things

  • Today I ran for five straight minutes, TWICE, and I didn't even die.
  • I also ran for three minutes, twice, and didn't die from that, either.
  • Running kills you less than I was formerly led to believe.
  • I am still panicking about the 5K I signed up for.
  • I considered counting how many weeks of training I can fit in before said 5K, but I became frightened and didn't do it.
  • I don't want you to count, either.
  • I am already planning to do this.
  • You should come run it with me.
  • Saturday I run with Jennifer again, and she has until then to decide whether she wants to do the three minute-five minute-three minute-five minute running plan or the one we did on Monday. 
  • Let's all stare at Jen until she decides.


  1. I could feel the staring before I checked your blog. I'll do whatever plan you're on. I don't want to mess up your running mojo. I honestly can't remember what we did last time, so I'll already have finished our running on Saturday before I realize how truly awful it really is :)

    1. It must really have been traumatic if you blocked it out...

      We'll do week 4, Day 2, but don't feel like you have to run the whole time if it kills you. I have to finish the torture so I can run my 5K, but you don't have to be brutal to yourself if you don't want to be!