Monday, June 2, 2014


This June is brought to you by insanity and overscheduling.

I have so many awesome things to do this month; it is astounding. The problem with that is that I have not a single Saturday free until July, but that's normal, right? Sure it is.

The awesomeness of this month includes:

  • Working the anniversary celebration at my favorite local-ish yarn store
  • Flinging myself from a great height repeatedly (otherwise known as zip-lining)
  • Going to see Mary Poppins on stage
  • Running a 5K
  • Rachael's wedding
All of the above takes place on various Saturdays this month except for the zip-lining. That is on a Friday. But still.

On top of all of this, we have the summer reading program at the library and the very end of our LSTA grant paperwork. And all of the training for the 5K. And probably other things that will come up as the month goes on. All this goes by way of saying, if I burst into hysterical tears at any point, it's because there is not enough time, and I need you to call The Doctor so he can give me more.

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