Monday, December 29, 2014

Glasses Reveal!

Yes, I did actually pick up my new glasses last Saturday! Mum and I got them right before we went to see Les Miserables at the New Huntington Theater.

I will now always go to shows at the New Huntington Theater. That production was amazing. Really, it was beyond words, it was so good. You need to check this place out. I have been singing music from the show ever since, and I continue to rewrite the lyrics of "I Dreamed a Dream" to fit whatever situation I happen to be in. "I dreamed a dream of yarn gone by, when wool was warm and sweaters toasty..."

Yeah, I know.

I can't wait for the next show. I don't even know what the next show will be, I just know I'm going.

Mum and I stopped by the eye doctor's office right before we went to the show. We got our glasses fitted, and Mum impulse-bought her reading glasses. Seriously, she pointed at the wall and said, "Laura, hand me those frames." She put them on and bought them within five minutes. I was impressed.

Clockwise: distance glasses, reading glasses, sunglasses.

The following Monday, I drug Jennifer along to Best Buy to finally get my stereo installed in Francis Focus. This allows me to plug in my iPod or iPhone and sing along to music that doesn't involve Nikki Minaj shaking various sections of her anatomy to the beat. Pro tip for musicians: If I've seen you naked, I won't buy your album. I do not want to see you naked. I do not want you to see me naked, either. I don't want any naked with my music, thanks.

While we were in town, I stopped by that branch of Sears Optical and had them adjust my glasses some more, and now they are all kinds of comfortable and don't fall down my nose every few minutes like my old glasses did. It is like magic. Suddenly, I can see! I can see more, because these lenses are bigger than the old ones, so I don't have to turn my head so much.

This is a rare luxury.

And driving back from my aunt's house after Christmas, the sun came out for a few brief hours, and I actually got to use my sunglasses. It's nice not having to squint all the time.

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