Tuesday, April 11, 2006

SuperMegaActionYouveNeverSeenAnythingLikeThisAndNeverWillAgain Romance

Part Two

The emergancy crew bandaged Victoria's head. Carie knew her mother would be fine, but her loss was so great. Carie did not know if her mother could go on.

"Oh Carie, how will I go on?"

"I wish Daddy were here, Mother," Carie sat on the edge of her mother's bed. "Do you remember when I was little and complained about being sick? He'd say, 'Have some of Daddy's Medicine, Honey,'" Carie laughed. "By the way, I have an AA meeting tonight, I'll have to call and cancel."

"Go home, Carie."


"No, really. Go home," Victoria smiled weakly. "You need to pack. I need rest. Staying here won't bring your father home."

"Okay," Victoria watched as Carie left.

"Hello, Mrs. Stouf?" Victoria wiped tears from her face. "I'm Doctor Drake Ramore," the doctor was Victoria's age, and handsome. Perhaps her husband wouldn't mind...

Victoria shook that thought from her mind. Her husband wasn't even cold in the ground.

* * *

Doctor Drake Ramore was an emergancy surgeon. He hadn't always been. When he'd been younger, he'd been rough. After knifing a few of his fellow street kids, he had realized that he needed to straighten up and make something of himself. His real love was stabbing people, and as a surgeon, he could do that and get paid.

Victoria didn't need surgery, though, all she'd needed was a few stitches. But as beautiful as Dr. Drake found Victoria--and he was certain she found him handsome as well--he was certain that she would opt to stay a little longer, if he requested it.

"My dear, let me ask you something. There is a little girl in the hospital who desperatly needs a kidney. She will die very soon if she does not find a donor. When I did your blood workup, I noticed that you are a compatible donor. The only compatible donor that we have found in the all the three years we have been looking."

"Oh! What can I do to help that poor child?" cried Victoria. The doctor smiled, she was almost under his knife.

"All we need is one kidney, just one. You only need one to live a happy, full life. That is just what the poor little girl needs."

Within five minutes of that conversation, Victoria had consented to the surgery.

Perhaps, thought Victoria, this will help me to get over my husband's tragic accident. The anesthesiologist placed an oxygen mask over her nose. This is just what I need, she thought as she drifted off to sleep, a little elective surgery will solve all my problems.

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