Thursday, April 13, 2006

SuperMegaActionYouveNeverSeenAnythingLikeThisAndNeverWillAgain Romance

Part Three

The airport was busy, filled with businessmen, happy couples, and sticky-fingered children with their exasperated parents. Carie dropped off her baggage and walked over to the terminal. She flew often, it was part of her job as a photographer, but it was different without her father dropping her off, or flying her himself.

The flight was much smoother than flying with her father. There was almost no turbulence, and no near-death experiences. It was nice to sit back and relax instead of helping her father pull out of a nosedive.

"Miss Stouf!" she turned. "Miss Stouf! it is good to see you. I am Eduardo. I was sent to escort you from the airport."

"I wasn't told that anyone would take me to the hotel."

"Miss Stouf! We just met....but if you wish, arrangements can be made...." he looked her up and down. Before Carie could respond, Eduardo continued. "Please," he clapped his hands. "Come come, follow me."

Carie followed, thinking to herself, Eduardo wasn't an Arabic name, it was Hispanic. They got into a black, unmarked van and drove away. Time droned on and on until hours had passed.
"Shouldn't we be there by now?" inquired Carie.

"Ha Ha!" Eduardo took a handful of his hair and pulled, revealing a shiny, bald head. "I am Eduardo, Neo-Nazi extaordinaire! I was sent to kidnap you!"

"Oh come on," groaned Carie.

"Really!" Eduardo looked hurt. "I worked very hard to plan this. You could at least pretend to be scared."

"Better luck next time."

Enraged, Eduardo struck Carie, and the world around her faded into blackness.

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