Tuesday, April 25, 2006

SuperMegaActionYou'veNeverSeenAnythingLikeThisAndNeverWillAgain Romance

Part Six

Victoria awoke from a short nap, warm in her hospital bed, and realized with a jolt that her daughter Carie was dead.

This may have been more of a shock to her if she had not fallen asleep with her chin resting on the morphine button the doctors had given her. Had Doctor Drake Ramore been less attentive, the level of morphine released would have been lower, and she would have been more conscious of reality. Perhaps then she would have felt more horror, sorrow, or shock at her newfound insight.

But she didn't.

And if she had been on less medicine, she may never have known anything had happened to Carie, and that would have been most unfortunate. Victoria had always been an attentive mother. She truly experienced all Carie's pain as if it was her own.

But right now she was on a lot of morphine. And demoral. And everything seemed pretty okay. If she didn't hurt, Carie certainly couldn't.

And maybe, in Victoria's reality, that morphine and demoral was helping Carie feel much better, wherever she was.

Victoria closed her eyes and went back to sleep.

It seemed the most logical solution.

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