Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Part Four

When Carie awoke, the van had stopped. Eduardo was talking to the driver, instructing him to go back inside. Carie saw no windows, she didn't know where inside was. She didn't really want to find out.

Suddenly, the back doors of the van swung open.

"Good morning, my desert rose," Eduardo said. "Come come, step over the threshold."

Using a kick she had learned in Karate class, she knocked Eduardo to the ground. She ran to the front of the van, leapt into the driver's seat, and turned the key in the ignition.

"Wait!" screamed Eduardo after her. "I'm trying to kidnap you!"

Carie slammed her foot on the gas pedal.

* * *

"Good morning, Victoria."

Victoria opened her eyes, "Oh! Doctor, I didn't hear you come in!"

"I have been here since the surgery ended. I could not bear to leave you. You look so peaceful when you sleep, like an angel," he breathed.

"How is the child? Did the surgery go well?"


"The little girl!" Victoria's eyes filled yet again with tears.

"Oh!" Ramore smiled warmly. "She's made a complete recovery."

"So soon!"

"I'm a very good doctor."

"Of course," the tears vanished. Ramore leaned over her, his dark, tragic eyes filling her vision. "Doctor, my husband just died."

"I will wait for you. Forever if I must."

Victoria was in shock. How could this be? What a dramatic, shocking situation! But her husband would not wan her to be alone forever. He wouldn't want her to be alone very long at all. Maybe just a few days. A weekend. Overnight would suffice. And she'd done that already.

How scandalous it would be, for her to run away with Dr. Drake Ramore...
She reached out and took the doctor's hand.

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