Friday, September 18, 2009

I don't know if this will work at all, but here goes, and the reason I have a check for lots of money in my purse and have locked the office door

(for once)

That little thing up there should be part of the title but I just found out there's a limit to how long your title can be.

Which sucks.

It totally ruins the effect I was going for. My rambling, crazy girl thing is ruined.

You should listen to the song "Book 8" with this thing:


I've been watching tons of Brotherhood 2.0 videos on YouTube since the conference where I met John Green. It seems that I (with my dial-up misery) missed out on all the fun back when I didn't have access to...well...anything.

I don't know if that thing works. I hope it does.

Anyway, Hank Green (John's brother) also writes songs and sings them with his guitar. They are funny, funny songs, especially if they're about something I feel strongly about, like the horror that was the epilogue of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Don't people know how to end things? I think that would be easier than keeping them I right? Oh, and NERDFIGHTERS! Look it up.

Also, I went to the bank after Mom had a slight meltdown involving her desire for me to leave work spontaneously to do various tasks and my insistence that I needed to stay and read stories to children, in order to prevent my being fired for leaving work and not reading to small children when am supposed to.

At the bank, I picked up a check for the car that I will get out of my hands as soon as possible, because my car guy was really sweet to let me drive the new car around for a week without paying him anything. Wasn't he sweet? I think he figured that if I didn't have a car I wouldn't be able to earn the money to pay him for the car he wanted me to buy from it was in his best interest. Still, I am happy.

But the check sitting in a copy of Libyrinth in the office has me a bit worried, since people come in here and try to rob us all the time. So I have locked the office door for the first time in...ever? See, usually they try to rob the upstairs. They have money. We have security cameras.

Have good weekends! I will try to do the same.

Update on the working of the thing: It said it wouldn't work, it insisted it wouldn't work, and I posted it with the intent to give you all a laugh at it's not working and then IT DID! Play the second song, the first won't be funny if you don't know why it's supposed to be and you might not. The second song..."Book 8"

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