Friday, November 27, 2009

I Can Do This!

Oh, I am so happy!

I spent all of yesterday cooking and writing to avoid certain people, a tactic that was both wise and effective. Then, I spent a chunk of today writing because I really am behind and I need to catch up.

Today, I officially caught up: 45,000 words out of 50,000 are completed! This means that I have only 5,000 words to go, which I know because I checked it on my calculator. You know, so I wouldn't embarrass myself on the blog.

That kind of shame is the sort that lasts.

I have three days to write 5,000 words, no problem at all considering that I wrote over 5,000 yesterday and 5,000 today. That means if I simply devote tomorrow or Sunday to the effort, I will only need a few hours to finish my word count goal for the month of November, and I will...


Even though the prize is mostly just bragging rights.

Okay, so the prize is just bragging rights. But I want them! So that means they're a prize, right?

Oh, and I actually get maybe 10,000 words of useful material, after editing, so that's good too. I might be able to use more than that...but it will take lots of editing to make it happen. So you could say my prize is editing my very own novel.

Bragging rights.

I may also buy myself a DeBrand's chocolate. I deserve a DeBrand's Chocolate.

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