Thursday, February 4, 2010

I'm So Proud of You!

I've mentioned before that I've been pretty girly lately, crying at nothing and so forth.

Today I haven't burst into random tears, but I am filled with an overwhelming sense of pride, because my friends are doing such fantastic things. I also feel the urge to brag about their awesomeness, since they are such cool people and the things they do are amazing.

Firstly, my friend Erica just so totally had a baby! That's...big! Hooray for Erica! Hooray for baby Thomas! Welcome to the world! You can go look at how cute he is on Facebook, if you know us. If you don't...well, sorry. I don't want to put up pictures I didn't take and don't have permission to use, since a baby is involved. Also a super-tired new mom...

Then, and I must say I rank this as equal to the previous accomplishment, Jen just knit her first pair of socks! They fit! They look good! That almost never happens with First Socks, and I am so proud of Jen that I told all six people at the yarn store today the story of Jen's socks and how they grew, because everyone needed to know it. Her socks are named (these names were my idea--I have to say) Treble and Bass (Like treble clef and bass clef in music, get it?) and they were so named because Jen could say, "Laura, I'm really having treble with this sock!"

Although what would really happen, since I doubt very much that Jen would ever say that, would be me saying, "Hey, Jen, are you having some "treble" turning your heel?" This would be followed by hysterical laughter, and Jennifer would give me a look as if to say, "Get control of yourself, you human oddity."

Facebook buddies of Jennifer can go look at pictures of her socks in her "Knitting" album.

And, amazingly, there is more! Yes, more!

My friend from Spanish class, Rachel Lake, is totally a news reporter doing newsy things and she did a live report for the first time yesterday!

This one you can see, right here.

Are you back?


Doesn't she seem all professional? Didn't she do fantastic?

I am totally proud of her. She sat next to me in Spanish class, along with a multitude of other gen ed classes, and now she's on TV, doing the news.

Okay, I'm done gushing. Thanks for listening.

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