Monday, February 1, 2010

Public Schools

Jennifer and I have been talking about how miserable the funding cuts are for schools in Indiana right now, and she writes about it here and in other places all through her blog.

We talked about it tons on Friday night, right before she made me cry, and I remembered this when I read her new blog three minutes ago, causing me to go play on YouTube, which is what I do sometimes.

You see, I am re-watching all of The West Wing, or at least all of the episodes that Aaron Sorkin had part in making (as in, writing) because the show really did a nose-dive when he stopped writing all the time. The acting was still amazing, but the writing...well, Aaron Sorkin is amazing. Let's just say that.

In the first season, Sam (Rob Lowe) has an argument about funding for schools, and when I watched it yesterday, I was reminded of Indiana's horrible problem(s). One of the big ones, of course, being our idiot governor who tried to kill me. Personally. I'm telling the truth. Your Man Mitch almost ran me off the road with his campaign bus, causing me to pull off onto the grass/shoulder to avoid being crushed in my pavement-gray Honda.

Here it is:

I hope we can find a way to do this soon.

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