Friday, March 16, 2012


Is it spring? Please tell me this is the real spring and not some kind of fake spring that will suddenly vanish in the blink of an eye, to be replaced with snow and horridness.

I do not trust this weather.

I am afraid this means I will end up standing in sandals in ankle-deep snow, like I did when my friend Becky got married. And then I will die.

Snow on the ankles = death.

I am also afraid that this Trick Spring will cause me to take out all my warm weather clothes and put my cold weather wear away nicely, only to have to reverse the process next week. I am too lazy for that kind of repetition.

Someone needs to reassure me about this.


  1. Temps are in the 70's - 80's next week. I got my shorts out of the closet. Put some of the cold weather stuff away.

    However, I am still expecting one more snowfall / cold weather spell. Or hoping for one. I'm not making a Central Park Non-Hoodie to pack away for October! I want to wear it now! - but the sleeves are not done.

    Is this reassurance enough?

  2. I think it's real spring. It's nice for us, but not so nice for the planet, I fear.

  3. I feel slightly reassured. Except now I am thinking about the planet getting angry and cracking in half and falling into the sun. That's a side effect of global warming, I think. Or else maybe it was just in that one movie I saw...