Friday, April 11, 2014

I've Got My New Shoes On

My new favorite shoes arrived yesterday! I had been longing for t-strap flats since...last year? Maybe longer. I fell in love with some that a character on a BBC drama was wearing. I don't even remember what show it was anymore. Probably one of the Masterpiece Mysteries. I do love Masterpiece Mystery. At any rate, there were NONE to be had. I could choose from t-strap sandals without an enclosed toe (not what I wanted at all) or I could get sky-high platforms...that were sandals without an enclosed toe as well (ouch and NO).

But during my weekly scroll through the contents of Modcloth, I found these beauties, and they were perfect. I'd been hunting for a pair of colored shoes to go with my many all-neutral outfits, and these looked like they'd work with pretty much my whole wardrobe.

As an added bonus, they run a bit narrow, meaning they FIT. And they are leather, which means quality.*

Here are some terrible pictures I took last night.

For the record, it's incredibly difficult to take pictures of your own feet. Nearly impossible, really.

Shoes: Seychelles Cayenne Sandals in Jade (Modcloth) Pants: American Eagle Skinny Trousers  Carpet: Needs vacuuming.  

* Do not tell me plastic shoes are good quality. They just aren't. They don't last, they make your feet sweat, and they are impossible to break in effectively. And before you suggest "vegan" leather, that is plastic, too. Plastic that people are charging extra for, because the box says "vegan." I love the idea of vegan shoes, but until you can bring me something that looks as good and holds up as well as leather, I'm sticking to leather.

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