Sunday, April 27, 2014

Success and MURDER (Hopefully Not Mine)

Yesterday I went to the sporting goods store where I found socks for RUNNING. This is huge. No more blisters. At least, according to Runner's World magazine, which promised no more blisters if I used socks that weren't cotton.

I also found ear buds designed especially for runners. They allow all ambient noise to come through, so you still hear what's going on around you. This is important if you don't want to be hit by a car or murdered.

I also impulse-bought a tank top because it was so pretty. Don't you judge me.

Then I met Jen for dinner.

"You really run on the Nickel Plate Trail?" Jen asked.

"Yes," I said. But she was staring at me weirdly so I continued, "Why?"

"You know someone was murdered there."


"YES," Jen told me. "It was a boy scout leader. He was stabbed."

At that point I either asked Jen why she was telling me this, or why anyone would murder anyone on the Nickel Plate Trail, I can't remember. I guess I was too much caught up by the fact that I had been running alone on Death Trail.

I did not really believe her, so I came home and looked it up. She was right. This is nowhere near where I have been running, but the fact remains, I have been walking on Death Trail, running on Death Trail, and spending time alone on Death Trail.

This means that my choices for running are as follows: I can run on Murder Trail, down Meth Alley, or be struck by many semi trucks on the highway where I live.

Fortunately, I had already decided to run after work, although not in the park because Jen has a story about the park that is creepy.

"I guess I will run around the library," I said.

"That is an option. The other one is that I run with you," Jen said.

This was the best news ever. I have what I wanted all along, a running buddy! I am very excited. This will make running way less lonely, and I will be able to complain with Jen, which is way better than complaining alone. You should always be able to whine with friends.

We then went to Target and I found a fancy bag to use for taking my running things back and forth between work and home. It is exactly the right size and has lots of space for various running paraphernalia that I cannot live without, such as my new earbuds ans also my rescue inhaler.

I tried to style it with various gym-related things that matched it. Then I noticed the dowel rod underneath the dresser from when I made Harry Potter-style wands with the teens at the library. I should probably find a better place for that.

Pockets! I think this might even fit SHOES!

Or those might. Who knows. Shoes will have a spot, though, and space. There's a zip-up pocket in there for tiny things that shouldn't be swallowed by the depths of the bag, like my keys or maybe earrings.

And there is a pocket for a water bottle on each side. So I will be less likely to forget my water when I go for a run. The best part? No giant Nike swoosh or Under Armour logo or any giant brand name. It is just a bag. And if you look, there's a logo. But if you don't look, you don't really notice it. That's way better than paying to be someone's advertisement. If I am wearing your logo, you ought to be paying me.

Just imagine, though. I don't have to run all alone! This is huge.

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